These are just a couple tips that I wished was shared with me when I started my weight loss journey!

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  1. Thanks. Very helpful. I’ll have a year of sobriety on the 15th and we talk about doing it one day at a time. But that can be applied to me losing weight and focusing on today then next thing you know I’ll have a year of losing weight and be successful at it. It’s all a journey and thank you for keeping it simple. That’s what I need. Not to complicate it. 😇

  2. Great information! Debunks several myths that we have probably all heard at some point in the gym or read in a magazine. Lots of scientific evidence to back up these findings. I would definitely recommend (((Don’t Miss Free Source 👀 👀 ))) to anyone, regardless of your fitness experience or knowledge.

  3. Same here i drink too much soda specially at work plus snack all day and fast food 🙁
    Ill do my best to cut off soda completely will see how well do for me im 210lb. 25-30 lb to loose will be great. Will watch and see in one month.
    Btw I can see how well you motivate and want to help others
    Keep it up

  4. "Don't let the future you (that you want to be) mess up the present you." That was some hard won wisdom, I'm sure. I psych myself out with "future me" all the time, and it's not even about weight or workouts. Thanks for sharing that.

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