*Subscribe Here* Check out the blog post to pin these recipes Today I’m sharing 3 healthy lunch bowl recipes that can also be made for dinner. All of these could be done using leftovers for a quick meal or meal prepped ahead of time for back to school or work! Hope you enjoy it!

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Items Seen In This Video
❤ Molcajete 10”
❤ Electric salt and pepper shakers
❤ Wood cutting board
❤ Marble cutting board – similar one here
❤ Knives
❤ White Bistro Bowls
❤ Frying Pan


-mango salsa (see recipe below)
-Sweety Drop peppers
-vinaigrette (see recipe below)

*Mango Salsa
-1 Mango
-1/4C cilantro
-1 lime
-2T minced red onion
-Chili powder to taste
-salt to taste

-1 part red wine vinegar
-2 parts extra virgin olive oil
-1/2t dijon mustard

-lentil pasta
-avocado sauce (see recipe below)
-spicy chicken sausage
-parsley for garnish

*Avocado Sauce
-1/2 avocado
-1/2 lemon
-1/4C chili pepper infuse olive oil or regular olive oil ( add more if you want it creamier)
-1-2t pesto sauce

-grilled chicken breast seasoned with season it all
-cilantro & lime brown rice
-sautéed bell peppers
-sautéed onions
-greek yogurt
-black beans
-guacamole (see recipe below)
-cilantro for garnish

-1/2 avocado
-2T mince onion (red or white is fine)
-2T minced cilantro
-3T minced tomatos
-1/2 lime (taste as you go)
-2t crumbled feta cheese
-chipotle tabasco to taste
-salt to taste

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  1. I always enjoy your videos ♡ I however was very surprised to see you putting a towel so close to an open flame creating a fire hazard. I'm sure you are always extremely careful but the many people that watch your videos may not be as careful.

  2. They look sooooo good. BUT I hate avocado. So most of the recipes won't work for me lol

    Also, the way she says cilantro drives me nuts. But, to each their own, and it doesn't take away from how good the food looks lol

  3. Watching exactly a year later 😍 I love your videos, currently going through all of them. I'm rewatching cuz I enjoy them so much 🌹

  4. Be careful with the frozen salmon and the pepper. The other day I was making salmon and I almost forgot to put the pepper (lemon pepper) on it, so I decided to add it even when the salmon was almost done with the cooking and the pepper exploded inside the salmon and it burned me a little on my hand, luckily it wasn't really bad and It didn't leave any scar. But please be careful and always add the pepper before you put the salmon on the pan

  5. God ur food looks so colorful and so beautifully presented and i bet it tastes just as good as it looks!! Cant wait to try it 😍

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  7. Rewatching these videos that are months old, because I really needed some healthy recipe inspiration. This is perfect, thank you! It's also making me realise how much I miss your food videos! 🙂

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