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A new little workout routine for you! I’ve made it so you can follow along in real time, hope you enjoy!

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  1. Love it, please do more of this! I really like how you explain everything at the beginning, and the timer, a little suggestion is that you could say what exercise is next since I need to take a moment to stop and watch the video to see what is coming.

  2. Hello Rachel, I was wondering if you could do a video of your workout outfits. I have started going to the gym but need outfits. Your style is very similar to mine and would like more options.

  3. second time doing the workout..totally in love, it's quick and yet challenging especially with the plank and  extra dumbles, thanks for this amazing video and of course for the AMAZING and professional filming

  4. I think it's not a good Workout .. I tried this and in my opinion the task were too short .. It is better when you do every Task one minute because then you feel the real burn ..

  5. Girl I don't know who ever let you think that doing sumo squats that way is more effective but it ain't you really are not supposed to have your feet that far apart it is not more effective and you're right it just looks plain silly that's because it is. In no way is that going to make a difference other than sacrificing a deeper more difficult sumo squat so you're actually just kind of half-assing it

  6. Plank Hip dips – 30 secs
    Rest – 5 secs
    Glute raises – 30 secs
    Rest – 5 secs
    Cycle crunches – 30 secs
    Rest – 5 secs
    Sumo pulses – 30 secs
    Rest – 5 secs
    Frog sit ups – 30 secs
    Rest – 5 secs
    Lunge pulses – 30 secs (switch at 15)
    Rest – 5 secs
    Plank – 60 secs
    Rest – 60 secs

    8 workouts x3

  7. Today’s my first day of winter break from college. I eat when I’m stressed and boy was this semester a wild one.
    So I told myself I’d start today! And this video is perfect cause I don’t have a car nor much workout equipment, so thank you🖤🖤🖤 (gonna try to avoid the delicious Mexican winter snacks too😭)

  8. You don't get enough recognition (?) maybe that's a good thing. You're awesome and inspirational. Your videos are guiding me into shaping my life up. Thank you 💕⚡️

    P.s. Frog sit ups were impossible

  9. I did it !! Im a college freshman this year. I did volleyball all 4 years of high school so there is at least one point during the year when I was really fit I’m not playing volleyball this year and it’s been weird not being fit for a few months at least. I’ve never been skinny or At the weight I’m supposed to be but today I start my fitness journey. I’m ready to start living a healthier lifestyle and not just for a few months for the rest of my life. It’s going to take a while before I do a plank for one whole minute without put in my knee down but I know with time I’ll be able to do it thanks to you and the motivation you give me. Thank you !! Love you 😭❤️ keep making videos!!!!! 💪🏻

  10. I started this but the transition to the next movement was crazy. By the time I got in position and made sure I was doing it correctly, you were on the the next movement. I didn't care for the up and down which added to me not completing a set. It would be helpful to have a five to ten second transition where you tell us the next exercise and position. A group of four to five exercises in the standing position and then the same in the laying position. I do like the exercises movements you chose. You're just going to fast for me to learn and get to the next position. ~Smile!