Ok so forget spending all this money on laxatives and cleansing stuff. This is a one ingredient drink that will give you a boost of energy, help you go number 2 and help with digestion! yay easy peasy. Its a rough drink but…i’ve had worse lol love you guys.

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  1. Girl, I love youuu! So peppy 🙂 Just wanted to caution you, dilute the ACV in a glass and have it with a straw so it doesn't ruin your stomach with the high acid content drinking it straight or ruin your teeth! I do this drink daily too, love it, so many benefits, but I drink it in a big glass of ice water with 1 tbsp of ACV and with a straw always. Keep doin' what choo doin' though, xxx just wanted to give you a heads up cause I care!

  2. Shanta true what you say , we have to be careful what we do . Not everyone can take this as a 'shot'. Mix it in water in a drink but please not too much drink else if you don't finish the drink you will waste some cider. Use the cider that has the MOTHER.

  3. "My eyes are still twitching". Hahaha! Too funny. Too cute. I also take my ACV straight – but I do rinse my teeth off with water (to keep the potency of the ACV from thinning out the enamel). Great job on the vid.

  4. you are so motivated I love your energy I just watched about 3 of your videos and I just subscribed ! I am struggling with weight, finding my happiness, and lack of energy right now . I was always the active one throughout highschool. I was a dance choreographer I sing and I was a colorguard leader I have always been a in the size range of 125-140 . I am now 188 and I am only 22. I will try your methods and vlog the journey. ❤ your videos motivated me

  5. I use turmeric n everything jus about. however I always add acv 2 my water. I don't take it alone. last time I did that I almost died cudnt catch my breath n wuz gasping like a whole minute like sumthn wuz literally stopping me from breathing. I use it n alot uv my foods 2 like salads n pastas, water, hot tea, face, hair, n bath.

  6. Ive heard that Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother has a multitude of benefits and I'm almost positive that it will work for weight loss in the long run but it's absolutely disgusting 😂😷 she made it look easy, she mentioned that it was strong and she said she personally likes it but be warned, ITS GROSS