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I wanted to create this video to show everyone that nobodys weight loss journey is perfect. Even when your story is riddled with mistakes and backslides like mine was, you can’t give up hope! Perseverance will always pay off in the end. Don’t give up on yourself!

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  1. Thanks for posting this..very inspiring…been thin all my life..then thyroid decided to get out of wack and gained about 70 pounds in 6 months..its been almost 5 years now and can't get it off…hoping I can push myself really hard and lose it in the next 3 to 9 months..will revisit this video on the tough days

  2. Your story sounds exactly like mine and, interestingly, we have the same body type. Thank you for sharing. I gave up beer two weeks ago, started daily exercise, and made some dietary changes. Starting at 310lbs I have decided to truly and finally get in to the best shape that I can – and I am 100% committed. This video is a huge encouragement to me because I have the same goal as you and, since my body type is so similar to yours (seriously your before pic looks like my body with your head on it), I can see that my goal is possible – that has been a big question on my mind. Seeing what you have done really drives home to me that I can do it. Thanks man.

  3. I'm struggling with weight loss also and have been dieting for 20+ years. I've gotten good at dieting and even fasting, and work out 6-7 hours a week, sometimes more. But I'm starting to regain my lost weight from 320 down to 200, now back up to 240. My biggest problem is brain fog. Low carb / healthy carb diets put me in a brain fog that never goes away no matter how long I stick to it. I'm much less efficient at work and can't focus, which is really bad because I'm an automated systems accountant that does thousands of calculations per day and they all have to be 100% correct. When I'm buzzing on sugar, I'm about 50% more efficient/faster with no loss of accuracy, but obviously sitting at my desk, the sugar packs on pounds. The way I lose those first 120 lbs was what I refer to as my POW diet: 500 calories a day no exceptions. I stayed on that for 6 months to get down to 200. When I saw the scale hit 199 I decided it was ok to take a break because I was having trouble walking and sleeping on 500 cal per day. So that "break" was a month and I regained 40 lbs. I stayed there for about 6 years and without changing anything, my weight is shooting back up again, in spite of dramatically increased exercise and intermittent fasting. If there was some way to avoid the brain fog, I have more than enough willpower to simply eat a low cal / low carb diet to get to 175. Do you or anyone else have any advice on dealing with brain fog? I've tried the vegan diet too, which allows carbs but the lack of meat made me extremely depressed and irritable, and killed my libido as well. I don't think I can live like that. I'm currently on a medication called Contrave, which has really only improved my mood and done nothing to lose weight, but still taking it to give it a fair chance. The next step is gastric bypass which i REALLY don't want to do, but I cant get super fat again because at my age I will have a heart attack and die. My gut bacteria is normal. The only thing left is to see and endocrinologist to see if perhaps I have messed up hormones. I have an appt scheduled but expect those results to be normal, because I essentially feel normal and healthy with the exception of being fat. I'm really fed up with food and starvation being the center point of my life. It's taken some of the best years of my life and part of me isn't really concerned with having a heart attack anymore, weighing 5 more years of life being happy (not starved) vs 30 more years of starvation induced agony and stress. If I can just get rid of the brain fog without eating it away, it would be so easy. Any advice is appreciated.

  4. Loved this video! I started the gym as I weighted 75KG and it was getting to me. I am 5FT 4" Now I am down to 68KG but want to lose another 2KG but for some reason finding it hard.

  5. 9th January 2017 352 pounds boarder line morbidly obese. 17th October 2017 260 pounds slowly working toward my goal of sub 200 pounds. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel taking it one day at a time getting fitter and stronger as each month passes.