These are the 12 biggest lies you probably still believe about weight loss. There is no one best way to lose weight, but there are a lot of diet and exercise myths when it comes to fat loss. Discover which diet and workout myths have been debunked.
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Today I’m going to go over 12 diet and workout myths that you still believe in. By continuing to follow these outdated myths and this old-school advice you’re definitely slowing down your progress and just making the fat loss process harder on yourself. Let’s Jump Right In with myth number one……. you have to have a low-carb diet to burn fat and lose weight. Even though low-carb diets definitely work as far as fat loss is concerned there are plenty of other methods to get you to burn fat. The reason why low carb diets are so popular is because usually people are very impressed by the quick results that they experience in the beginning of low-carb dieting. I have to admit that you’re probably not going to lose as much weight not Body fat, but as much weight in the beginning of any other diet plan. Carb-o-hydrates are called Carb-o-hydrates……… because they cause your body to hold a lot of water. So when you cut carbs you’re going to drop a lot of water weight fast. This makes a lot of people feel good about the diet because they immediately notice pounds coming off the scale and their whole body will become less puffy because of less water retention. The problem with low-carb dieting is that a lot of people complain about a lack of energy and even feeling sick when they cut carbs too low. The cool thing is like I said it’s a myth that you can only cut fat with low carb dieting. Low-fat low-carb and even low protein diets can all cut fat. Also you can burn fat while including all three macronutrients carbs protein and fat in one diet plan. You may not experience the rapid weight loss that you experience from all the water weight you lose when doing a really low-carb diet but the fat loss should even out over time. protein fat and carbs are all insulinogenic. Carbs are the most insulinogenic of the three however I’ve experimented with low-fat diets and with low protein diets and given the same amount of time I experience very similar results to low-carb dieting. So there are many different ways you can do this. Next myth is to not eat past 6 p.m. or past a certain time late at night. It doesn’t matter what time you eat your food. You can literally have one giant meal per day in the middle of the night and you can still be burning fat. You just have to maintain an overall calorie deficit for the whole day the whole week in the whole month that you’re cutting. When you eat past 6 you won’t store any extra fat because you ate close to your bedtime. This brings me right into the next nutritional myth that goes hand-in-hand with this one and that’s the idea that you have to eat small meals more frequently throughout the day to fuel your metabolism to burn more fat. Once again this is not true. It does not matter whether you eat one meal a day or 6 meals a day for the purposes of burning fat. When you eat 6 meals a day your insulin levels stay pretty stable throughout the day so as long as you’re eating clean food and maintaining a calorie deficit you should be burning fat. When you only eat one meal a day your insulin levels are really low until you have that meal. Keeping insulin levels low is very beneficial for fat loss. Also because you’re only having one meal or let’s say two meals for the whole day it’s pretty easy to stay under your total alotted calories for the day. Both methods work for fat loss. To gain muscle you need to eat in a calorie Surplus you may want to incorporate more meals because it’s going to be tough to eat the amount of food that you have to eat to gain muscle in just one sitting. The next myth is an exercise myth that a lot of beginners have and that’s if you spend more time at the gym you’re going to get more results. This is actually not true you’re way better off doing a much more intense workout for a shorter duration than doing an easy workout for a really long duration. A lot of people come to the gym and theyll spend 2 hours there and not accomplish much of anything. If you come in spin your feet on the bike do you a couple chest presses with 10 lb dumbbells move from one machine to the next and then 2 hours later leave without ever really challenging yourself you’re wasting your time. In order to grow you have to challenge yourself. You should be struggling during your workouts and when you struggle during your workout and push yourself outside your comfort zone the longest you should be working out is an hour. An hour however is not the length of time that all your workout should be for example with a very high intensity workout all you need sometimes is just 15 minutes.



  1. Can you please explain why carbohydrates are called that again oh wise one. Seriously, that is made up out of thin air and most of what you say is your feelings on things, how can anyone not listen to this and just laugh and shake their head?

  2. For 5 years EVERYONE has known fat doesn't make you fat. For 10 years EVERYONE knows not to stretch before you work out. This guy is such a platitude repeating hack. Who would take advice from this retard. So many he things he "FEELS" yet states as facts. Even by cookie cutter "everybody reads from the same format and info of 20 years ago" you tube standards, this guy is a hack.

  3. You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about when it comes to carbs and losing fat. Not body weight, fat. Try doing a little actual research before you make comments like these.

  4. And myth number one calories in calories out I swear people that you should be executed for stupidity and passing misinformation you don't even look good you look like shit cuz you don't know how to work out and going to have to eat and you pass your knowledge on like you're an expert well if I want to look like shit I listen to you if I want to be unhealthy I'll listen to you but I'd rather eat a low-carb diet and be very healthy and look fucking fantastic. You're an idiot who's uneducated and you are passing information that is obviously untrue to anybody who has taken physics calories in calories out is impossible you don't even know what a calorie is cuz you just some uneducated retard shut your mouth stop posting lies and stop harming others you really should be killed for this. Humans are not closed systems energy in energy out it's only possible and closed systems we are open systems therefore are macronutrients are all that matters a calorie means nothing a calories not even a unit of measurement but you wouldn't know that because you're not educated low IQ asshole. Let's take it a step further I have to take and read Medical School exams number one on those exams are about how humans burn energy energy is either burn through glycogen amino acids or fat glycogen being your preferred source of energy not calories calories don't exist. Your body Burns glycogen first you deprived of that it will burn fat you do high intensity work you will burn more amino acids. There's no such thing as calories in this equation equation there's no such unit of measurement in physics as a calorie and the person who wrote the book on calories since you cannot possibly calorie diet so who the hell are you I understand you're some stupid asshole we already established that but how are you allowed to talk I don't understand anybody who's listening to this man please change your life he's already a failure you don't want to be stupid and look like shit follow a low carb diet I like a normal person

  5. Regurgitated information; fyi more time at the gym does equal more results. profressional athletes dont workout for just 1 hour and say "oh thats enough", No, you get what you put in. Try having an intense workout for 3 hours.

  6. Perfect analysis. I've noticed a few of these things from personal experience, so it's good to get an expert opinion to confirm this.

    Personally I've noticed just reducing the overall size of my meals, and reducing sugary foods/drinks (not totally stopping them) works perfectly with my 5 day a week weight training. My abs pop up well, and I get good definition all over.

    Never have I needed to stop eating at 6pm, or cut out any type of food completely from my diet to experience my best body shape. Those measures only make me miserable which in turn affects my intensity in the gym.