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This video have 12 Easy Dinner Ideas that I try collection for all of you and i hope all recipes you want to try.

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  2. TBH but I watched it till very end but I dont think this video is that good unfortunately:
    1. Personally, I was looking for smth super simple, i.e. super simple dinners that can be made within like 10-15 mins, e.g. tuna with mayo + buckwheat(that I really enjoy)/rice/or salad etc. Thus, even though the title says "Easy" these are not really easy meals but that more or less require MEDIUM cooking + ingredients so imo the title is very deceiving
    2. Therefore, for videos like that I would (personally) also prefer if all 12 meals would be shown first at the beginning of the video (sorta like a title page) and each meal preparation would be shown thereafter as separate chapters in the book
    3. And also that the recipes would go from super easy, say, like recipe for chicken with mozzarella + tomato (as in the video) to more difficult and longer to cook
    4. Some recipes are pretty cool in this video; however, some are super weird, e.g. beef with tuna sandwich(?!), i.e. mixing fish with meat???? that is not really for the stomach food processing and also just totally kills the taste too