Hi guys! My top asked questions about my weightloss over the past 2 years!

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  1. I agree with the subbie below me, you are beautiful. Also wanted to say thanks for the video. I’m a new subbie and I love your weight loss videos so far. Appreciate the motivation and the realness!

  2. New Subbie here. I believe the hourglass figure results after waist training comes from that just being a persons natural body shape. If you weren't born with an hour glass figure then a waist trainer is not going to give you one.

  3. Great story girl. Last year i had started going to gym myself and then hurt my shoulder lifting and i had to go the chiropractor to help it. He made me stop to give my shoulder a rest but i couldnt get back started again and got busy with work but im going to start back going tho. I'm also trying this challenge as well —>>> http://bit.ly/2C7U4kB

  4. I wear tops- 2x, pants XL, dresess 2X, i try ride my bike much as possible, somtimes maybe jump rope n i walk alot. im always hunger so i perfer havin snacks. Im diabetes n high cholesterol i try take baby steps. Im 39 n my goal treat me better .God bless u & keep u.