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  1. Congratulations! I'm trying to get down to 132 in a year. I started Oct 12 at 230.6 and weighed this morning and I'm down to 211.0 ! 19 lbs, so yay, but I got a long way to go. Glad to see you made it. And I hope you have lots of positive people there to support you! YOU Deserve it!

  2. Congrats!!! I know that feeling!! Im not big enough to loose 100 pounds but when i lost 22 pounds (10kilos) i actually cried because i was soo happy.. Its the best feeling in the world when you work so hard and it pays off.. Especially when you havent been that small either at all or in a very long time. Super proud of your strength!

  3. New to your channel 💕
    I’m a young mommy of a One year old, in my pregnancy I gain 110 lbs when i used to weight 140 Im honestly trying to start my Weight loss Journey and you have give me a lot of motivation!!! THANK YOU!!

    My current weight is 250..

  4. Your happiness makes me happy! I started to actively lose weight two weeks ago, with meal prepping, gym Membership etc. I need to lose about 20kg (44 lbs) and I am more motivated than ever!
    PS: Your waist is amazing :O You are so beautiful <3

  5. Gracie, I started watching you months before starting my own journey. Thanks for motivating and inspiring us with your videos and struggles. I have lost close to 65 lbs in about 10 months. I want to stress to everyone out there that it does take time and keep going even when you have setbacks.

  6. I'm so happy for you😍😍😄I too am on a weight loss journey and planning to lose 15 pounds I'm 5'6 and 130 pounds trying to get to 114 I have fat in places I really dont need and trying to tone up my lower body but thanks for the motivation🤗😘