Canada Day

If you plan on throwing the greatest Canada Day bash, there’s a chance you’re stumped about what to serve in terms of drinks. With the exception of domestic beer, it can be hard to think of “Canadian” drink recipes — in addition to the Caesar obviously. Spice up your drink menu with a bit of these red and white cocktails your friends and family are sure to love.

strawberry-sour 1. Strawberry Sour

Start your Canada Day bash right on this gorgeous red and white cocktail from Chef David Hawksworth. Nothing says summer like strawberries!

cranberry-kir-royale 2. Cranberry Kir Royale
Tyler Florence combines frozen cranberries, orange juice and Champagne for the greatest summer drink.

Why are these claims drink known as a Shuggie? Your guess is just as good as ours, but we’re certain you and your friends and family will love this rum-based cocktail infused wit rhubarb, ginger, lime and Thai basil flavours.

citrus-berry-spritz 4. Citrus Berry Spritz
This sweet fizzy drink from Giada De Laurentiis is full of berry ice cubes and also a hint of mint for freshness.

WATERMELON-­STRAWBERRY SANGRIA, Bobby Flay, Barbecue Addiction: Bobby’sBasics/Bobby’s Basics: Simply Skewers, Food Network, Watermelon, Strawberries, RoseWine, Vodka, Orange Juice, Orange Liqueur, Orange, Lime 5. Watermelon Strawberry Sangria
Bobby Flay’s sweet, citrus-infused summer drink is great for a party or get-together with friends.

lava-flow-mocktail 6. Lava Flow Mocktail
What’s more Canadian versus the combination of red and white? These sweet dessert-worthy drinks focus on a base of raspberry purée, then the milky topping, a generous level of whipped cream and handle with sugared frozen raspberries number one. Don’t forget to rim the glasses with red-coloured sugar!

rum-punch 7. Rum Punch
Try this refreshing booze-infused punch full of tropical flavours and Jamaican white rum from Bobby Flay.

Cranberry-Mojito 8. Cranberry Mojito
To keep together with the red and white theme, don’t forget to offer a this fizzy bevvy with floating cranberries and fresh, muddled mint leaves.

watermelon-martinis 9. Watermelon Martinis
Sure to quench your summertime thirst, Bobby’s fruity martini is set with tons of fresh watermelon and melon liquor with the utmost melon flavour.

Classic Canadian Caesar 10. Classic Canadian Caesar
The ultimate Canadian drink — because of our nation’s love of Clamato juice. This classic drink is really a must-have for almost any Canada Day celebration. This version adds fresh sage and lime for the fresh new twist.