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The 10 Most Popular French Recipes:

French Recipes, Despite new trends, hype, and marketing, tradition hasn’t ever been stronger. In France, good food still means authentic cooking by employing natural products from diverse regions. This is how we celebrate man by offering the top food to all or any our senses. Cooking home-made food and eating at the table design your appetite grow stronger. The challenge is to unite ingredients together to get the very best taste outside of them. However, anyone everywhere you look can explore the joy of french cooking. To start with, let’s find what french people enjoy to enjoy.

Here include the top 10 hottest recipes in France:

Roast Chicken:

Indeed roast chicken will not be a notorious french recipe but cooked everywhere worldwide from Asia and Africa to America. However, it is the hottest french dish. Roast chicken is just not stuffed inside. The secret should be to baste the poultry many times during roasting with butter and oil and to add an onion from the roasting pan. Roast chicken is traditionally served with potatoes and green beans.

Boeuf bourguignon:

The most popular beef stew in France. Boeuf bourguignon is often a traditional recipe from Burgundy. A recipe that french people use to prepare at least once every winter. The beef meat is cooked in the red wine sauce, obviously a dark wine from Burgundy. Bacon, onions, mushrooms and carrots add flavor on the recipe. But thyme, garlic, and beef stock are essential in order to smoke a good boeuf bourguignon.

Mussels Mariniere:

A typical summer recipe very well liked along the Atlantic and Mediterranean coast. Mussels are fresh and cooked in a white wine sauce with parsley, thyme, bay leaf and onion. It takes only 5 minutes in order to smoke a tasteful mussels marinara. The secret is usually to season carefully the meal and also to discard any mussels which don’t look good enough.

Sole Meunier:

Although sole can be an expensive fish, the tastes is so elegant that it’s considered since the noblest fish. Sole Meunier is really a recipe from Normandy. The fish is cooked in the butter sauce after some bit of flour and fresh lemon juice. Sole is traditionally served with rice or vegetables.

Pot au feu:

A typical family meal coming again from Normandy. Pot au feu is often a boiled beef with pork, chicken, and vegetables. It takes about 4 hours and a half cooking as the beef needs to simmer slowly to extract its flavor. Pot au feu is additionally called Peter Normande in France.


Quite similar on the german sauerkraut, in France they sauerkraut called chop route derives from Alsace. However french recipe could be traced back in 6 centuries ago! Sauerkraut is usually a fermented cabbage. Commonly sauerkraut includes sausages, pork knuckle, and bacon. Two essential ingredients are alsatian white wine and juniper berries.

Veal stew:

Called blanquette de veau in France, this really is another stew recipe from Normandy. The veal meat simmers in white sauce – as blanquette from blanc is short for white in french – with mushrooms and onions. The white sauce is constructed of egg yolks, whipping cream and fresh lemon juice. Veal stew is normally served with rice.

Lamb navarin:

Another stew but this one is constructed of lamb meat. It is usually called spring lamb because it comes with vegetables available in spring. Navarin arises from navel which symbolizes turnips in french. Other ingredients are tomatoes, lamb stock, and carrots. This stew takes a shorter period to simmer than every other.


A strange recipe that English people often confuse making use of their traditional breakfast! A traditional meal from the west of France. Each village has their own recipe but it really always includes beans and meats. Cassoulet is really a rich mix of white beans and according to the village lamb, pork, mutton or sausage meat. Cassoulet may be the cornerstone of french paradox study describing why people from the free airline of France suffer under others from infarcts.


Bouillabaisse is closely associated with the city of Marseille within the Mediterranean coast. The recipe is really a fish soup from local fish and seafood products including crabs, scorpion fish, monk fish yet others. Provencal herbs and olive oil are important. For a long time, the recipe became a secret jealously kept from the people from Marseille.