Cooking your own food is not only rewarding AF but it will also save you a ton of money! We all know how quickly the cost of eating out adds up, and when you break down the finances, a simple investment in groceries once or twice a week can save you a ton of money in the long run. This is why I’m challenging all of you to the #packlunchpact – It’s time to switch up your daily routine and get the incredible rewards of cooking your homemade food and bringing it with you to work, school, or even when you just leave the house for a few hours. It’s pretty rare that I ever leave the house these days without bringing some type of homemade treat because when I pack my own food to go, not only do I save a ton of money, but the reward of eating my homemade yummy food made with love, trumps anything I would get in a store! It can be a little strange at first, but the more you do it, the more it become second nature and part of your everyday lifestyle.

Prizes – 3 people who complete the challenge and follow the guidelines below will win a private consultation video call with me on anything food related. This could be a business idea, a menu your’re working on, a recipe you’re struggling with or anything else you can think of. Those same 3 people will also win free admission into my sourdough bread making masters class coming out very soon.

Guidelines –
1. starting this Monday you must pack at least 1 homemade food item for 5 days straight, this could be anything from a full packed lunch, a simple smoothie, or even a homemade snack.
2. Post your picture everyday to your Instagram account
3. Use the hashtag #packlunchpact
4. Tag me @lifebymikeg so I can interact and stay updated
5. sign up for my mailing list in the bio above to stay updated
6. If you aren’t interested in winning the prize, make sure you still tag me in your pictures so I can interact

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  1. I can't afford to eat out so I bring food or I would be hungry at work… I use Pyrex containers they last longer the do leak with liquids so I cheap out and use zip lock turn top containers…

  2. This might be an odd question, but is American peanut butter different than European? I've tried at least 4 different brands of peanut butter in Europe, and they are all the same 100% peanuts, and thus have the same unpleasant taste…
    I'm just curious, because it's so popular in the US and I can't imagine why when it's so unpleasant – and I'm not alone here. I've never actually met anyone here that eats peanut butter in anything other than perhaps cakes. I'm thinking it's either additives that make it taste better there, or it's an aquired taste or something… 😛

  3. I always have a hard time with things like this.. bc i am allergic to a lot of normal things used like onions, mushrooms, dairy, gluton.. Doing something like this that is affordable can be difficult. Not to mention i deal with chronic stomach issues that make it hard for me to eat while at work. Bc almost nothing sits in my stomach like a normal persons would… I would love to be able to do things like this on the daily.

  4. I'm waaaaay late on this vid, but I recently got a couple Sriracha2Go bottles as a stocking stuffer and they are awesome. They're key chain size bottles of Sriracha that come with a clip for your bag.

  5. Awesome tips, especially about cooking several portions even though you just need one or two right THEN. That's how I stay on top of lunchboxes!
    ..are you aware, though, that Tupperware is a brand? As far as I could tell, none of the storage containers you showed were actually Tupperware. 😂

  6. Great tips. A lot of people using communal fridge at work get things stolen, I used the ice trick and kept my lunch box at my desk.. I also cook a bunch when I cook. I even cook extra rice and freeze. I love leftovers. Some people hate leftovers.

  7. Hi! So, for years I have been packing my own lunch using pyrex bc I have access to a microwave and I pack my daughter's lunch in thermal containers bc she is in public school and can not reheat and recently my husband relocated his shop space to an area with less access to the food he likes, so I have been packing his food and coffee using pyrex and thermal containers. The problem: when he goes on intallations in Manhattan…he is not a sandwich guy and needs lightweight food. Ideas?

  8. Hey guys, for our weekly MEXICAN FOOD Youtube-Show in Germany we are looking for some music to use. Any music creators here, willing to make the deal of course for a mention in every single episode they appear in?

    Hit me up!I appreciate you guy´s hustle!

  9. okay you probably wont like me, but I DISLIKE cooking! I would enjoy a video on the easiest, yummiest things to make in a Crockpot because that is pretty much the extent of my cooking…beside lean cuisine in the microwave.

  10. Would you please keep the language clean, My kids love your show and their eyes pop out every time the R rated words come out of your mouth. Keep up the great work! love your stuff.

  11. This is the video I need. Except I also need a tip on how not to forget my packed lunch in my fridge every single goddamn morning that I made a packed lunch the night before.