Summer Berry

1 Bottle of Wine

Nothing says summer that can compare with sipping some sangria over a patio. It’s cool and refreshing, and eating the fruit that’s been bathing in the wine means it’s a drink having a snack included.

Summer Berry Sangria

While we often think of sangria rolling around in its most traditional form – dark wine and brandy with orange juice, apples and wheels of lemon and lime – any wine beverage can be transformed using a little fruit and liqueur.

One bottle of Sauvignon Blanc could be transformed into hundreds of variations of sangria, on the sweet and sparkly with a deeply cooling version that refreshes with cucumber as an alternative to fruit. Here are three new and tasty methods to kick off your summer with sangria.

Summer Berry Sangria

Summer Berry Sparkling Sangria
Brightly coloured berries really pop from the background of your white wine, which means you sangria is perfect if the summer heat sends raspberries, strawberries and blackberries for the farmers’ markets. Tumble any combination that suits you of the berries right into a pitcher, convey a bit of simple syrup – depending on how sweet you prefer your sangria – after which let it all sit from the fridge to infuse those flavours. When able to serve, pour within a bottle of sparkling wine for most bubbles and top with fresh mint leaves.

Tropical Sangria

Tropical Fiesta Sangria
Give your sangria hawaiian isle twist by utilizing fruits which can be a little more exotic. Tangy pineapple and sweet mango are wonderful; papaya can also be great. You can also thinly slice some kiwis for any little pop of green colour plus some lemon for the hit of citrus. Adding in Cointreau – or some other brand of orange-flavoured liqueur – gives a nice undertone and plays well with all the tropical fruit.

Cucumber Gin Sangria

Gin-Cucumber Sangria
For something totally different and incredibly refreshing, going for a page from another summer classic, the gin and tonic, and make up a Gin-Cucumber Sangria. This one commences with Sauvignon Blanc and after that gets a botanical and floral infusion by swishing in elderflower liqueur and gin – opt for one which has a particularly botanical or floral bend for full flavour, like Hendrick’s. Slices of lime atart exercising . tang, while mint causes it to become suitably refreshing. Finally, thin slices of cucumber bring some coolness to your mix.

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