Stop the internal struggle and feeling of deprivation experienced on diets. With mindful awareness, you easily embrace healthier mindful eating and feel naturally more energetic. This is a new hypnotherapy session designed to further encourage a mindful approach towards eating and exercise. Listen nightly for 2-3 weeks as you go to sleep and see how your attitude towards food and exercise improves. Relax and enjoy xx

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  1. The guide πŸ‘€ πŸ‘€ is phenomenal. Honestly,Go ahead and just forget every single thing you thought you knew about health and fitness and do yourself a favor by reading this guide. I've only been following the routine plan for about 2 weeks and I've had better results in this short time than I have in about 2 years of weight training (or what I thought was weight training) and even cut down another 5 pounds. It gives you a really simple and easy understanding of the anatomy of the body and what exactly you need to fuel yourself with for optimal results. I have already recommended this guide to all of the females I train with, and even mentioned it to my personal trainer πŸ˜‰ He hasn't changed anything about my routine because my strength and endurance is greatly improving.

  2. Could you give me the subtitle ( lyric of this video). Because English just be the second language so i don't understand all your words in this video. Or someone can help me? Please!

  3. I've enjoyed your other offerings, but I had to stop listening to this one unfortunately. There really is no such thing in low fat meats, and fish are so contaminated. The best thing I ever did was move to a plant based diet. And coming from a food addiction background there really is not such thing as 80% of the time for me. I'm either on my food program or I'm not (yes there can be forgiveness for slip ups, but that doesn't mean I build that in as a given), the idea of moderation is what keeps so many of us a slave to addicting foods that do not serve us. It was there that you lost me. I really don't want that idea planted in my mind.

  4. This is working. After a week of bed time sessions I have forgotten about eating "just in case I am hungry later", I remembered to have a bite this evening, just a slice of cheese. I have been listening to your meditive sessions for a couple of years now, more or less and you have had a positive impact on my life. I had a daughter who nearly died of a grave illness,still has ongoing reconstructive surgery, skin grafts etc. The night she feel ill I suffered a head injury. Long story with lots of suffering, held with meditation, you and Tara Brach and Belle Ruth. Your offerings of your kind self are generous and heartfelt, I thank you from my grateful heart.

  5. I really do appreciate your recordings, the subconscious negativity one really helped me! I was wondering if it would be possible for you to make a sleep hypnosis recording to help with anxiety and depression? I apologise if you've already made one

  6. Hey Kim, just to say that I enjoy your relaxing contributions πŸ™.With this latest recording I can however pick up some background noise which I think is being produced by your pc cooling fan. Might be worth investigation πŸ˜‰