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Hey Guys,

In today’s video, I have shown my 20 Kgs PCOS Weight Loss transformation. I hope this is motivating for you if you. Its not impossible to lose weight even if you are Indian working women. I had started my weight loss journey in Feb 2016 when I was 64 kgs and by Nov 2016 I had reached 44-45 Kgs.

❤️Few details about me:

❤️Height : 4’11
❤️Weight : 44-45 Kgs
❤️Age : 24
❤️Controlled PCOS
❤️I can say that it was 20 KgsHealthy and sustainable weight loss because I did not put on weight after Nov 2016.

❤️Will be posting my weight loss workouts soon.

❤️Curious about how I lost weight?
❤️Click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rkkk3T3mPHI

I have really worked hard to lose weight and especially tone my body and would be very happy if I could help others as well to lose weight because we need to lose weight if we are diagnosed with PCOS. There’s no other option.

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❤️Stay motivated and stay happy and keep going.

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