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My goals for 2018 are included in this video! Keep watching 🙂 Also PLEASE let me know what your goals are for the coming year. Leave me some video ideas and requests below!

I have Lost 50kg and gained a new outlook on life. Positive vibes, positive minds, no negativity 🙂 This is my lifestyle channel where I share my life in the forms of vlogs, motivational videos, stories, hauls etc. WELCOME 😀 Subscribe, comment if you have any fun video ideas.

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  1. I just subscribed to your channel. I have a lot of weight to lose. I watch your husband too. I tend to start things then not follow through mostly with my weight. It is time to start doing that just thinking it. I look forward to your videos.

  2. You and Ben (and also ObesetoBeast) have been so influential to me! I have since lost 90 pounds since late February of last year. I have changed my eating habits and I workout every day.

  3. I have made a goal list on the 31st December and I have tried to do something doable so that I would not feel overwhelmed. But I never thought of breaking the goal down that would be very helpful. Thanks! My main goals are losing 15kgs, save more money and get rid of useless stuff in my house to keep the place tidy. 😉

  4. I have no doubt you can do the 52 videos Maria and i cant wait to see them!! Would love to see what you do to your hair to make it so silky and straight! Love videos of you and Ben together too! And of course more health and fitness videos! I have a good bit of weight to lose and would love more inspiration of how to get there!

  5. Hey Maria, love your vids 🙂 Some ideas for videos: about relationships, maybe compare if there is any change between having a relationship when you were overweight vs now, also another topic about your studies in the USA. Thanks x

  6. Great to see you back Maria !!! I needed this pep talk. I've dug out a workbook and am now feverishly writing down my goals for the next three months (time stamped as it's my birthday then!) and looking forward to your next vlog !!!